Tsunade trains Sakura, Jiraiya trains Naruto, The moment when Shikamaru and Temari (English Dub) (2023)


Tsunade trains Sakura, Jiraiya trains Naruto, The moment when Shikamaru and Temari (English Dub)


Ever since that time, everyone has always what did lord jariah, tell you hmm, seems the training's going well, perhaps it's about time that we took things to the next level, wait, you mean, you might have to put your life on the line for this training.

Can't believe, it's been two years already.

Now, the day that kid returns home to the lead naruto is a mysterious boy he's been away from the village for two whole years.

And yet inuzuka style.

Man beast, transformation, combo two-headed wall.

If you stop now, the naruto is just gonna laugh at you where's it from a shinobi hawk has just delivered a missive to you from the hidden leaf's.

Fifth, hokage, sir.

Thanks for meeting us.

Well, it is a drag, but still seeing that it's, lord kazukai, here's, the data from the tuning exams, two years ago, but you'd know more about the reason behind the interruption of the final rounds and the chronology, the situation in the sand has stabilized since then then you have no objection to us sponsoring an event, the timing of this whole thing.

Why hold the tuning exams.

Now first it's to gauge the response of each of the villages in the five great nations.

And the second reason is to probe the movements of the akutskiy you want to open the village and use the tuning exams as a kind of bait the sand would like to host these tuning exams alongside my introduction as kazekage that's, right so we're going to need some time to contact.

He really didn't tell you anything at all.


It came out of nowhere.

I leave it to you so I'll simply act as bait and just take them down.

What are you saying? I know some aren't happy that I've become kazekage and I have no doubt there are those who would you don't want the akatsuki you want to lure out the conspirators in our village.

And he also intends to introduce himself as kazakh to the other nations is that a wise choice for the second round of the tuning exams, and we the hidden sand will do our utmost to support him, I'm sure that yura is on to us by now no everyone's just uneasy about gaara.

All of us have already agreed to give our support to lord goddess.


Nothing really is a survival test.

And there are always some fatalities if you'll excuse me, it is a ginger key there's a way.

The first chinchuriki two years ago, jiraiya's, intel said, the akatsuki would target naruto as fifth hokage of the hiddenly village.

I could never do that.

Well, I'll just have to placate them by suggesting a joint sponsorship.

We can't negotiate any further about the idea of a joint sponsorship with the hidden leaf.

The forest of death really has become too familiar a test site.

We've no objections to that proposal.

Just let us know if any trouble arises all right we'll handle it.

Mr crybaby, should we just send out invitations to everyone else who attended the last tuning exam? That's, right? In addition to the akatsuki problem, that's, the other reason for reopening, the combined tune, these invites are for the tuning exams.

Well, we've set up the bait.

Ah, they'll, be sending nine teams, 27, genning in total, right, oh and any word from the other villages, we sent invitations to damn princess.

Tsunami, she's getting carried away.

What should we do? Ignore her that's? What we'll just ignore her? He gets worked up about live concerts and other nonsense be.

Where are you bee don't? Tell me turning up after tuning exams, show them what I know and I'll take lessons from ken chan sensei, too, did lord reikage say, no now, why would the hokage? And the kazekage send a message? I think we should focus on rebuilding the village.

Now, a wedding ceremony is a waste of time.

We forgot the tuning exams.

This time, yes, let's do that their ulterior motives crystal clear they're looking to test the strength of the villages in I'll give you my answer right here.

Yes to that.

Most troublesome spot it's said, hanzo of the salamander whom even blood relatives can't approach rules with an iron fist.

But since it's closed off, no one knows the true state of things while I'm there.

Stop there.

I bear with me a joint letter from the hidden leaf and the hidden sand.

You may not why do you want to get close to lord hanzo? Is that really what you want to do all right then, I'll, let him know surrender all of your weapons and enter they have strict rules about entering this nation.

You may put the message that you've brought over there.

The leafs invited us to the tuning exams, they're sponsoring with the sand.

So that they could represent the village in the previous tuning exam, hanzo, still the leader of the hidden rain village.

While we gather intel on the genchuri key.

Huh? So does this repudiate the rumors that we've been hearing about the hidden rain village? Then when the hidden rain getting that they're sending arrive in the leaf, make sure to keep a close eye on them? Man, I am so bored.

What oh no did.

I do something wrong? Uh, hey.

So what's up there chief.

What were you thinking? Well, then I guess I'll just go on my own.

I want to see what the outside world's all about.

If you won't acknowledge me chief I'll, just have to leave the village, the tuning exams.

Isn't, just some run-of-the-mill test.

The hidden waterfall village was smaller than the leaf or sand that's.

Why? Even though we aren't part of the five great nations, we are allotted a tailed beast.

This is an ideal opportunity to restore our past glory, all right I'm on.


I'm gonna go rile up a storm pig on euro hide that you're joanine and guard food, right? It's almost terrifying in its brevity.

But still it is an official application.

You think you'll solve something by outing the rebels.

No, then why do this but that's impossible? Even though you want to do that they're never gonna listen to you till the day I can share suffering sadness and joy with others, the hidden sands, sending the same as before nine teams, 27 shinobi, the hidden cloud.

And the land of water have both sent their polite regrets.

All of you are to list each of the getting you supervised and turn in your recommendations awesome, a sensei what'll.

Our team do but shikamaru is already attuning.

So he can't enter listen guys.

Currently shikamaru is kind of like the brains, the leader of this team.

I think I may already have someone in mind is there really someone like that? Well, maybe she's not as smart as shikamaru.

So you need to join a three-man team in order to take part in the tuning exams.

Right? I know the strength that you possess better than anyone else.


I I can't.

Please just find someone else.

Okay, what why if you're just going to wait for naruto and sasuke? If you add me to your team now, I'll probably just get in your guy's way, no that's.

Not true.

Come on.

Please take this.

Of course, ma'am, medic ninja must never get themselves killed at the same time that does not excuse you from learning how to fight on the front line.

Got it.

Yes, while I'm training, I feel like I'm, always a burden to others.


It go.

What did sakura say what exactly did sakura say to you, she basically told me that she doesn't want to be a burden on all of us.

Excuse me.

Huh? Are you trying to work me to death? Oh, I forgot sakura was just outside here.

She was if she needed something why didn't she come in, what would naruto do if he were in my place? Right? You got it? What happened sakura, he needs emergency surgery.

Now take him to the icu quickly right? I have to surpass my limits on my own, what sorry, but I don't understand sakura is skilled enough to handle the surgery.


I see you are truly a student of tsunade.

Okay, with the team of eno, choji and sakura.

Our entrance list is finally complete.



What episode does Sakura get train with Tsunade? ›

"Sakura's Determination!" (サクラの決意, Sakura no Ketsui) is episode 141 of the original Naruto anime.

Who is Jiraiya's wife? ›

This is Jiraiya's wife Tsunade. She has supernatural powers and uses “slug sorcery” to battle Orochimaru alongside Jiraiya. At the feet of Sennin is a toad with a skull in its mouth. At the feet of Jiraiya, Tsunade's slug.

Who is Jiraiya in love with? ›

Jiraiya Always Loved Tsunade

His feelings for her were wildly apparent, but Tsunade never seemed to share them. This didn't stop Jiraiya from staying by her side for a very long time, however. Even once he left her, and until the day he passed away, he still considered her the love of his life.

What episode does Tsunade become a kid? ›

Naruto - Season 3 Episode 12: The Fifth Hokage!

What happens in episode 142 of Naruto: Shippūden? ›

E142 - Battle of Unraikyo. Flame from the Amaterasu still remains on the battlefield as Naruto and his teammates continue to search for Sasuke. But despite the search team's best efforts, they cannot find any trace of him.

Will Sakura age like Tsunade? ›

Alex H. She won't age any faster than normal, the jutsu only cuts a small amount of time off the end of your life when you use it to repair damaged areas.

Who is the 10th Hokage in Boruto? ›

Ah yes, Ichigo Uzumaki the 10th Hokage.

Who did Tsunade marry? ›

Tsunade (綱手), featured in the Japanese folktale Jiraiya Gōketsu Monogatari (児雷也豪傑物語, "The Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya"), was a young maiden who married Jiraiya and helped him defeat Orochimaru.

Who is Jiraiya twin? ›

Essentially, Kashin Koji is Jiraiya's clone, created by none other than the genius scientist of the Kara, Amado. Using Jiraiya's DNA, Amado decided to recreate Jiraiya from scratch in the prime of his abilities to aid his grand plan to stop Jigen from achieving his goals.

Who is Tsunade's child? ›

The short answer to whether Tsunade did have any children during her lifetime would be no. There are a lot of theories on why she chose not to have any children. However, as things stand in the current era of Boruto, Tsunade has neither a love interest nor any children to call her own.

Who betrayed Jiraiya? ›

8 Nagato Uzumaki & Konan's Betrayal Of Their Teacher, Jiraiya.

Who is stronger Jiraiya or Tsunade? ›

Tsunade's raw power is terrifying and Jiraiya has been on the receiving end of her wrath. However, the Pervy Sage can beat her in battle. It's true that Tsunade has Strength of a Hundred jutsu, which gives her temporary invincibility.

Is Tsunade 70 years old? ›

In Boruto, Tsunade is supposed to be 70 years old. This was due to a time skip of 15 years between the series. The people of Konoha and anime fans don't get to see her much in the sequel, although it is clear that she is well and alive.

Who is Tsunade age? ›

5 Tsunade (70)

The Fifth Hokage, Tsunade was instrumental during a time period when Konoha needed a leader. She was 55 during the second half of Naruto, which would make her actually 70 years old in Boruto. Fans don't get to see her much these days, as she's not even the predecessor to the current Hokage.

Why did Tsunade not age? ›

Tsunade uses her reserve seal to keep herself young but its effect wore off when she had to spend all her chakra on healing herself in the war. Here's the catch, for every injury Tsunade heals with her Creation Rebirth Technique, her lifespan shortens. Meaning her body is older than the time she has been alive.

Does Sakura get trained by Tsunade? ›

Sakura Haruno was a student of the legendary Sannin and Fifth Hokage, Tsunade Senju, under whom she trained extensively for three years, and eventually became a master of all that she was taught.

Why did Sakura train under Tsunade? ›

Originally Answered: Why did Sakura trained with Tsunade in Naruto Shippuden? Sakura knew she was far behind Naruto and Sasuke and wanted to become much stronger so she could be of more use on the battlefield.

What episode does Sakura screams for Naruto help? ›

The Top-Secret Mission Begins! "Sakura's Tears" (サクラの涙, Sakura no Namida) is episode 43 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

What episode does Sakura unlock Byakugou? ›

1 Answer. In Naruto Shippuuden, episode 408, The cursed puppet(noroi no ningyou) is the episode from 2 minute to 5 minute time period, where Tsunade teaches Sakura about byakugou no jutsu.

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