Terraria, But ALL Melee Weapons Are REWORKED... (2023)


In this video I play Terraria but I installed a mod that completely reworks most if not all melee weapons giving them new animations and also projectiles for some. Will these changes help with taking down the final boss moon lord? Stay tuned to find out!

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Mods Used:
Lan's House Builder
Recipe Browser
Time Acceleration
Shorter Respawn Time
Boss Checklist
Ore Excavator
Alchemist Lite

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In this video I play Terraria, but I installed a mod that completely reworks most if not all of melee weapons, giving them new animations and also projectiles for some will these changes help with taking down the final boss, moonlord, stay tuned to find out all right? We can get started.

So yeah, this mod reworks pretty much most of the melee weapons, even the copper short sword, though, if you look at here, it says, press and hold the right button to attack for a special attack.

So this mod does add abilities for some weapons.

So let's, see what this one does if I press right? Click, oh, okay.

So it makes me Dash forward, and then I guess swing out my sword four times, oh, wow.


So it's, not just like you click once and you jab at once it's, one click and then four Jabs, well, that's so much better holy crap.

Okay, all right.


Go chop down some wood.

What is this? Oh, my God, wait, wait, hold up.

What are these things? Acorn spirits? Okay, I am not ready for these guys.

Oh, my God, wait they're, just gonna keep following me.

Okay, it does seem like I can just walk away because they can't seem to aim their projectiles on me.


Now, I'm dead.

Okay, let's see what the wooden sword does.

So this one doesn't have a special ability and okay, it's just a regular swing, not really sure which one's better, though let's test it on the slime Okay.

So I think I do like the copper short sword.

Better, yeah, much better.

Okay, we'll stick with that.

First all right now let's see if we can find some sort of cave to go into get some more Ores all that, oh, wait I think I think my right click does, um does bleed damage as well Let's test it out.

Oh, yeah.

It does.



Our first life, Crystal, wait, what you need to defeat the Lifeguard to consume the Life Crystal? Okay, um.

Not sure what that is might be a boss, actually, I, don't know, we're gonna have to figure that out later on.


Thank you fairy.


Thank you.



We got super lucky.

There love to see a girly Hermes boots, all right so we're back home.

It did mine a good amount of ores.

So we can make something right now suspicious looking Hearthstone.

Oh, this is the life Guardian I need to kill.


So it takes one life Crystal to make well, I'm, not sure how strong this thing is so I might need to get a better weapon.

First all right, let's craft.

A lot of silver bars, you're, 67., I think, that's enough for a full set of silver.

Yeah, let's.

Do it full set of silver there? We go 14 defense now.

Do we have enough for a platinum pickaxe? Oh, yes.

We do perfect just enough.

And then we might as well just make a.

Yeah, sure, why not silver short sword to replace our copper one? Okay, what do I get from killing this Acorn Spirit, though soul of nature we can make, oh, we need this for the Terra Blade.

And it does look like.

They changed the uh, the art of it.

Okay, we got another house.

Okay, I'll.

Take that cloud in a bottle, all right, I reached hell.

I don't want to risk falling down and dying and losing 11 Gold.

Yeah, I'm just gonna go home.

And we ended up mining a bunch of platinum.

Let's, go ahead and make the Platinum short sword upgraded from the silver one, oh found another Sky Island, almost missed that all right and what's inside shiny Red Balloon.

And this Starry Sky, oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.



That is sick.

Okay, yeah.

It doesn't have any knockback, but still I could use this against the app Cthulhu.

So it's kind of like the star Fury, but with a ranged attack as the main swing.

Okay? Maybe with this weapon I can take on the life.

Guardian we'll, see, let me just build a platform before I do that all right? Let's.

Go summon the life.


Three, two one, oh, hello.

There, uh, uh.

What do you do? Oh okay.

Okay, oh my God.

What the you can shoot again, yep, go this way get up deal.

Yo, get off of me.

Please, please.



It doesn't have much health, that's, good and should be dead right? Hello.

Oh, I was done as the guardian of Terror continent.

I recognize your strength, I will release the first limit of your life cap.

Hope you can challenge me again.

Okay, life cap increased to 200.


So now we can use it right? Yes, perfect.

Oh, and it doesn't go away.


Cool all right.


See if I can find a suspicious looking eye.

So we can summon the app Cthulhu there.

We go that's a suspicious looking eye.

Now we just need to wait for night time.

And meanwhile, I can just search for some more light crystals all right since I'm gonna be making a terror blade later on I might as well Farm for some stingers and jungle spores to make the blade of grass and we'll see if that one gets reworked as well, I'm, pretty sure it does all right.


Go ahead and summon it.

Three, two one, oh, wait that is sick, oh it's.

Not consumable.


Oh, wow.



So far.


So good, second phase now, almost there come on, oh, my God, whoa, whoa.

Okay, I love.

The new animation for that when you do when you defeat a boss, you get a new specialized ending, I, guess, let's.

Go ahead and craft the blade of grass I think now we can finally replace our short sword, it's, definitely different.

Oh okay.

Lucky got the money truck does it have a right-click special ability? No it doesn't.

Okay, one click swings out twice.

And it has the chance to poison enemies, but I think that's a pretty low chance.

Well, I mean, it's still better than the word sword.

So definitely going to be using this unless we craft, uh, or is it some Demonite bars and then let's make the lights vane and see what what this one does? Oh boy hold up.

Wait that does so much damage.

Oh, my God.

Yeah, one swing or one hit for the for the projectile that's like 50 damage right there.

Oh, my God, wait.

This might be better than the uh blade of grass.

Okay, I will be using this.

Instead actually, I can also turn the crimting bars into the other alternative, which is the crimting bar.

So, we can test out, what both of these weapons do.

Now we have to blood butcherer 27 melee damage.

All right.

Here we go.

Oh this one life, steals wait.

And it does bleed damage.

Oh my God.

Yeah, four damage per tick.

Okay, not bad okay.

Since we have our potion effects still going on uh let's, go ahead and summon the life Guardian again see if we can do it this time we got better weapons so this should be a lot easier okay foreign yeah we're definitely doing it much easier this time almost dead here we go okay that was really easy defeated by Jew again yes I did but it's not my strongest strength guys I'm assuming this one raises up my Max Health to 300 this time yep 300., uh, let's, just see what his strongest form is kind of curious, oh, wait.


Got destroyed there.

Oh, my God all right? Let's.

Go search for some more sky.



See if we can find the star Fury there? We go all right? Let's.

See if this one's changed? Yeah.

So it's, basically like the Starry Sky, but I'm, pretty sure this one's much better because it has insane knockback all right.

Our next goal is the Eater of Worlds.

Oh, wait, oh I, didn't know, it shoots out like a like a sword I thought it was just like if you melee it from up close, then it heals you, but let's see let's see get hits nice.

Okay, it's very weak with the uh lifesteal, though, but I might be using the lights Bane or the star Fury for the fight.

Maybe even the blade of grass we'll.

See? Okay, oh, yep.

No this buff.

What oh God it's, too close, too close like Spain is definitely better.

Oh, my God.

Look at that damage.

Okay, wait chill.

Let's, not get too cocky here.

And it should be dead.

Right? One more time.


Go there we go all right.


Try this boss, one more time because I really do want to get Max Health before I fight.

Skeletron, wait I should have made Shadow Armor.

First, oh, well, one more one more, please, please, please, oh yes.



You beat me in my strongest, State you deserve my loot, oh you have loot.

Oh, wait life.

Guardian mask, let's, not all right.

So let's get our Max health.

Here we go and then what's inside here, ruthless heart sword.

Shrew Melly hits have a chance to explode into seeking hearts that heal players and warding life.

Guardians blessing increases Max Life by 25 points, really increases life region after being hit and summons life.

Servants to protect.

You hold up, whoa, whoa.

What what was that that was a life servant, I know, but like do I just have to get close to monsters and then there's ruthless heart sword.

I'm throwing out Life, Crystals, Let's test it out on the eye.

Cthulhu, oh, my God.

Okay, yeah.

So I just need to get close to any monsters.

And then my accessory will activate.

Okay, wait.

How much does this heal me for? Oh, I.

Couldn't, tell I killed it too fast.

No all right.


Go and make the oh do I want Shadow Armor or do I want the other one, the Crimson one that gives more life Regen.

So I get the life regen.

One then I can stack it up with this and the banner, regeneration I, don't know how and I'll have like insane, health, regen, I might just do that.

Boom, boom, boom.

Yep, greatly increases the speed of Life regeneration wait.

This is new.

If you take damage, you gain a buff for a short time, the buff is related to damage during the buff damage is increased by 10 percent and can steal the life of nearby enemies.


Now we kind of curious to, um to see what the Shadow Armor does, but let's make the deathbringer pickaxe.


Guess I could fight the I've Cthulhu again.

The just to get some more bars.

Oh, my God.

This is insane.

Oh meteors falling.

We'll, find the meteorite later on there we go.

It has landed.

Oh there we go.

I just saw those hearts.

Those were the true melee hits one there it is there it is and it heals me for two and four Shadow Grieves all right.

And what is this set effect set bonus? 50, increase movement speed, 15 increased Dodge chance while moving and 50 increase speed at night.

Oh yeah I can definitely tell, the difference still think I'm gonna settle with the Crimson armor, though all right Skeletron is next.

So let's build the arena first.

And then we have to wait till night time, because it just turned day all right.

It is now night time let's start this thing out three two.

One wait.

Oh my God it's wearing the hats.

Oh that's.

So funny okay.

Oh back out.

Okay, that's one hand down there.

We go let's do all right.

Now for the easy parts all right, pretty easy.

Okay into the dungeon.

We go and what I'm searching for is the muramasa and the Cobalt Shield, maybe the shadow key who knows probably not though because I don't, know if, um any of those weapons inside are reworked, actually you know before we go I.

Think, there's a meteorite right next to the dungeon because there was that meter ahead.


It is.


Let's mine this first chest, gold shield, nice, all right? Am? I in the meteorite? Okay, let's.

See what we can do with our meteorites? Okay? We can make some base blades or lightsabers, uh, red and white.

Are the same damage, but let's just go with whites let's.

See if okay, no there's, no special abilities.

But oh, oh wait a minute.


This is sick and I can dash for the two.



See what the red one does.

Oh, same thing.


Damn that's.

Pretty cool all right.


Go back to the dungeon.

Now try to find the muramasa.

Yes, there we go all right let's get out here and does the muramasa do anything special no abilities.

But oh, wait, oh, it falls.

My cursor, wait I can just slash anywhere on the screen.

Oh, my God.


And with that I believe we have all of the swords to make the Night's Edge.

Oh, no, I still need to get the I still need to get the volcano.

Right? Okay.

Let's go down to Hell.

Then, okay, that should be enough.

Hellstone all right.

Let's, make the fiery great sword now or Fury actually fiery or fairy I, don't really know, all right.


See what this one does? Oh, okay, shoot yourself like flame waves.

Um can I test it on the I Cthulhu let's, see, uh, is it just mirrors? It's really weak? Okay.

I mean, if I true melee hit it then it'll like still has the same explosion effects.

But the flame waves itself it's kinda, weak I, won't lie I mean, the visuals look amazing, though all right, well, let's combine it now to make wait wait, what how do you make it strengthen platform using a fortified, wait I think I saw that one I might have seen it in the snow biome? Well, I wasn't, exactly sure what it does or what it did? Okay, it should be here.

Right? Is it? Not this strengthened platform? Right here? Yeah, oh I literally just have to right? Click it? Okay, ah, there we go.

I mean, I hope this works.

Oh, hey, there we go.

Oh, and then you can, oh, this is how you upgrade it to the true.

Knight's, Edge, I, just need the souls of or the souls from the mechanical bosses.

Now, let's see what this bad.

Boy does, oh okay, it's like the muramasa, but it's kind of slower I think, but it probably does way more damage.

Okay, let's make the Goblin Battle standard, just because I don't think the Goblin Army is coming anytime soon naturally.

So we gotta spawn ourselves.

Okay, wait.

This is kind of weak what okay I was expecting much more than this.

A powerful force is approaching.

What is this? My screen is shaking, oh, what the wait chill? What the can I kill? Please.

Thank you.

Where are you? Oh there you are.

Oh my God I did 274 damage.

Oh my God.

Why are you teleporting everywhere? Wait, oh, this big glasses in it.

Ah, he's, like, oh, my God I.

Think, thank you.

What wait it wasn't done? What was that? Okay, but what did we get Shadow Flame seriously, massive by goblins is stronger than ordinary flames.

We can craft some weapons and then Shadow necklace.


We can craft another fiery great sword.

And then we can make the shadow flame sword.

All right.


See what this thing does? Oh, my God.

Yes, wait.

This is nasty, but if it's going to be like the just a regular fire, great sword, then I'm, not sure if I want to use it, but we can test it out.

This might be good for the Wall of Flesh, just because it's wide enough to hit like all three of the the eyes and mouth.

Okay, let's make the molten armor.

Now and seems like there's, no extra or there's.

No new set effect.

This is just straight up.

The 10 extra melee damage all right.


Go search for the goblin tinkerer.

Now, oh there you are okay, rocket boots and workshop and then let's reforge while we're at it.

And this one as well.

Okay, never mind.


Now, broke.


Inspector boots.


What wait it changed all of a sudden instead of just one, slash it's like a it's in a cross shape now is it because of this, no no it's, not what I think after when I reforged it to demonic, somehow it changed.



So it's much better.

Now I was like there's, no way.

What I had before was like the actual thing all right.

We made it to the end of the world let's just jump right into it.

Three, two, one, yo, we'll test this one out first, okay.

So the projectiles do stop when it hits an enemy, or when it hit when it makes contact.

Okay, this isn't bad.

Now, let's test out the it's Edge, yeah, I think, this is stronger all right, let's run back a bit, and you are dead.

All right? What do we get firecracker, uh, nothing that we can really use all right before I fight any mechanical bosses, I'm gonna Farm some Quivers versus a flight.

Now I have to go break some Demon Alters because I do need the it's either the oracalcum or mithro Anvil.

So I can make the wings.

Okay, we got Cobalts mithril and titanium also gotta make the molten pickaxe, almost forgot there.

We go now we can start Mining and be hard.

Motors, mithro Anvil.

There we go.

And then we can make angel wings as well as the mithril pickaxe.


All that's left is to mine titanium all right.


Mined 431.

all right.


Go make the titanium Forge, uh, let's, make, yeah.

I guess, the melee one since we're, mainly gonna be using melee weapons there we go all right? It is now night time, and we are ready to take on the mechanical bosses.

So I might use the knight's Edge first, see how that goes.

And then if it doesn't work, so well, I'll switch over to the shadow flame sword.

And the first boss I'm gonna take on will be the Destroyer.

So here we go.

Three, two one go.

Es, oh my God.

Yes, wait holy go again, Jesus Christ that damage.

Oh my God, oh, my God, if I had a DPS meter I want to see how much damage I did holy crap.

When it was all bunched up together.

Okay, that was crazy.


We have enough time to summon.


Guess the twins next? Uh, let's use the nice Edge for this.

One is Laurel.

Oh, my God it's already, half HP, Kale's back away.

Now, okay, that's done Jesus.

If I do true Millie, it does so much damage there.

We go all right we're, not even halfway through the night.

So let's summon.

The last one it's built from Prime.

Yeah, this one's much easier to do melee hits on foreign titanium armor.

Set effect is also putting in work.

There we go.

Okay, all three mechanical bosses done in one night.

Now we can make the Excalibur.

It looks different.

It looks different.

So maybe this one changed.

Oh, okay.

Wait a minute I need to test this out on a boss.

Oh, my God.

What wait that was if I hit it.

It spawns out more swords that just homes in onto it.

Oh my God.

This is actually so crazy.

Okay, let's also make the pickax ax and let's make the hollowed armor.

Oh I have enough.

Okay? Any newer side effects.

No, oh, I.

Can also make the true.

Knight's Edge, right? Yeah, yeah, uh, close.

It like this.

All the site might and Freight go.

Oh, wait.

It used up every single soul.

Oh, I should have just put 20 in each no that's, that's, fine I can always spawn in more mechanical bosses.

All right there.

We go true.

Knight's, Edge, 93, melee damage.

Let's, see what it does.

Okay, it only has one slash though like the quick one, uh, I mean, they're, both kind of quick, but not the Crescent one, just the straight line.

Uh, okay.

I guess we'll test it out on some other boss.

All right.

Next goal is to find Plantera so let's go to the Jungle.

Oh, wait.

It changed again.

What the wait I don't understand this Night's Edge, oh, wait.

It just hit me.

Does it only change when it's night time? Or does it grow stronger when it's nighttime that would make sense? Right? Okay? If I can summon the I have Cthulhu, yep, okay, I figured it out that's.

Why all right? I've pretty much explored every single area of the jungle, uh, but I'm, pretty sure it's too soon for the Plantera ball to spawn.

So what I can do while I, wait I can Farm some more Souls of Night and light to upgrade the Excalibur.

The true Excalibur I already have enough chlorophyte.

So let's make I think it's, 20 bars, let's, see, yeah, 20 bars, 20, Souls of light and night let's.

Go do that right now there we go there's our last two Souls of Lights.

All right now.

Let's go farm.

Some sorts of knights all right there's our last one 24 bars, put the Excalibur there, what night and 20 lights synthesized.

Oh, okay, here we go.


So it has the old, um, the old true, Excalibur, projectiles.

But what happens if I attack an enemy all right? We're gonna test it on the Destroyer again? Here we go.

Three two one, oh, my God.

Ow, wait it's gonna kill my NPCs, oh, no, uh, okay.

So it still spawns the golden sword.

Well, that's so satisfying though, okay, I think, yeah, the true Knight's Edge is so much better though, okay, I mean, it's, not bad.


Guess I can use this during the day.

And then whenever it's night time I'll switch over.

Okay, wait is it just mirrors.

Excalibur is so much better.

Now I think it's because it's daytime, because there are well, the projectiles are much bigger.

I'm, I think there's more, oh, whoa.



It's definitely much better.


I mean, I guess I'll just switch it just, uh using the true Excalibur during daytime and then through Night's Edge for night time.

Okay, there it is there's Plantera bulb.

Okay, that took a while, but it's finally spawned.

Okay, bought some Dynamite from the demolitionist don't.

Think we need to make the arena, too big, because our weapons are kind of overpowered.

So it looks like I'll be using the Night's Edge, just because it's nighttime all right.

Three, two one, where are you? Okay, top left let's.

Try to get some true.

Melee hits in okay, let's back out.

Now, all right that was pretty easy all right? It looks like it's daytime.

Now, Let's, uh, summon Golem before my potions, wear off I'll be using the Trix caliber.

Yeah, not bad.

All right.

I think, I.


The true Knight's Edge just a little bit better.

Oh, okay, too much damage.

There we go all right.

Our next goal is to make the Terra Blade.

So we need to put down this furnace and how many solar tablet fragments I need.

Oh, oh, never mind I need to use the method handle right there.

We go and let's just summon it right away there's our first Mothra on, hopefully it drops the Broken Arrow storage on first try to drop, oh, yes, it is nice.


And then we can put this one in right done done done make it make it make it.

Oh boy that was so cool what the Terra Blade 128 damage.

Okay and I think it has a yes.

It has a special attack.

Let's, see what it does? Okay, perfect on this Mata.

Three, two one, oh, my God, wait, wait.


Two more seconds.

Try again.

I want Martin to be flying here.

We go.

Okay, there we go.

That's, pretty cool there's, a spin attack and then shoots out was it like foaming, projectile, oh, wait.

So after my special ability, look at my look at my waves.

Okay, here we go three two one.

And then, oh my it turns out three, holy.


This thing is strong.

Oh okay.

I love.

This weapon already, holy crap.

Let's, try to reforge.

It gladly sure I'll, take it all right let's head over to the dungeon now.

So we can take on the lunatic cultist.

All right here we go, oh, I, really wish I had a DPS meter all right.

All right? Vortex pillar is done.


Nebula one is done.

Next up is the solar pillar.

I finally, figured out how to use this Talisman so I had to rebind a key.

So if I press Q here, it is, and then if I press Q, again, I, teleport back.

And it shoots out like these shadow balls like that right here.

I'll see after use, it will leave the Talisman in place to attack the enemy and then use it again to return to the Talisman position.

So what I'm thinking of is like I can use this to dodge Moon, Lord's, uh, big laser beam instead of having to like teleport with the magic mirror all right that's done.

Now we just need to destroy the last pillar all right now we wait here.

We go let's, see if I can tie my towels in so there to be there, we go, oh that did so much damage.


So far so good.

Okay, middle eyes, dead.


Now we just hit the hearts, yay, eight thousand health.

I'll just go for it.

Yes, let's.

Go all right.

That's gonna be it guys that is the dawn mod with all the melee weapons.

Reworked, honestly, this mod was such an amazing experience.

Most of the weapons were very enjoyable to use, especially the Terra Blade with the right click.

Oh, my God.

You do a crazy, Spin Attack that shoots full moon projectiles.

And you become invulnerable during it.


Hope you all enjoyed watching all the mods I used during this video will be in the description below.

If you guys want to go check it out as well, don't, forget to leave a like comment and also subscribe to the channel.

Thanks again and I'll.

See you all in the next one? Peace.


What is the most op item in Terraria? ›

The Zenith is the absolute strongest weapon in Terraria. Crafting the Zenith requires you to beat the game multiple times. It deals the most damage, has the most range, can go through blocks, and has an extremely fast fire rate. It can destroy anything in its path with relative ease, from bosses to waves of enemies.

What is the best melee upgrade in Terraria? ›

The Solar Flare Armor is arguably the best endgame armor for the Melee build in Terraria. Players can only acquire the pieces after defeating the Moon Lord, and the full set grants the user melee weapon boosts.

What is the most op melee weapon in Terraria? ›

Best Melee Weapons In Terraria
Weapon NameDamageKnockback
Star Wrath110 (sword), 220 (projectiles)6.5
Solar Eruption105.02.0
9 more rows

What is the fastest melee Terraria? ›

The Fetid Baghnakhs are the fastest melee weapon in the game.

What is the most op armor in Terraria? ›

The best melee armor in Terraria is the Solar Flare Armor. It's an incredibly powerful item with the highest defensive rating in the game.

Can you get Terra Blade before Plantera? ›

tModLoader version, the Terra Blade becomes available after defeating Plantera. On other versions, obtaining it requires defeating one / all mechanical bosses.

What is the most useless weapon in Terraria? ›

Jekyll (dresses in wedding attire) carries a cane as a weapon, which does no damage to any enemies except bees.

How rare is the Terraprisma? ›

Use time36 (Very slow)
TooltipSummons an Enchanted Sword to fight for you
5 more rows
May 24, 2023

What is the most fun Terraria weapon? ›

The Flamethrower is one of the most fun weapons to use in Terraria simply because of its effect. You deal 35 damage while using the Flamethrower, but its critical chance and knockback are particularly weak.

What is the best starter sword in Terraria? ›

The first weapon you start out with is a Copper Shortsword, which has short range and pitiful damage. Upon spawning, it's recommended you immediately craft a Wooden Sword, then quickly go to the Desert and make a Cactus Sword. This is a large weapon with decent damage.

How many swords does Zenith have? ›

The Zenith is the most powerful endgame melee weapon in the game. However, it has the most complex crafting tree requiring a total of 18 swords to craft, including Terra Blade materials.

What is the best summoning weapon in Terraria? ›

Terraria: 10 Best Summoner Weapons
  • Staff of the Frost Hydra. ...
  • Gelatinous Pillion. ...
  • Snapthorn. ...
  • Spinal Tap. ...
  • Morning Star. ...
  • Dark Harvest. ...
  • Kaleidoscope. ...
  • Firecracker. After defeating the Wall of Flesh, one of the possible drops is the Firecracker whip.
Oct 6, 2021

What is the most op wing in Terraria? ›

Here are our picks for the best wings in Terraria.
  • 8 Harpy Wings. ...
  • 7 The Hoverboard. ...
  • 6 Steampunk Wings. ...
  • 5 Vortex Booster. ...
  • 4 Fishron Wings. ...
  • 3 Nebula Mantle. ...
  • 2 Stardust Wings. ...
  • 1 Celestial Starboard. The Celestial Starboard is the best Wing accessory in the game.
Jul 14, 2021

What is the hardest thing to find in Terraria? ›

10 Rarest Drops You Need To Collect In Terraria
  • 8 Nymph Banner.
  • 7 Blessed Apple.
  • 6 Rod of Discord.
  • 5 Biome Keys.
  • 4 Lucky Coin.
  • 3 Coin Gun.
  • 2 Discount Card.
  • 1 Slime Staff.
Feb 17, 2022

What sells best in Terraria? ›

Diamonds and Amber are the most valuable gem when sold directly, valued at 30 each.

What is the most famous Terraria mod? ›

The Thorium Mod is one of the most popular and extensive mods available. It offers you an entirely new experience, with over 2,000 new items, 11 challenging new boss fights, and hordes of new enemies. Additionally, it introduces a new biome and three new classes that add even more variety to the game.

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