Susan Graver Ultra Stretch Pull-on Pedal Pushers with Pockets on QVC (2023)


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Susan Graver Ultra Stretch Pull-on Pedal Pushers with Pockets

Extend your warm weather wardrobe with these versatile pedal pushers. The comfy crops dress up or down and are done in an Ultra Stretch fabric with a hidden elastic waistband for a flattering fitted silhouette. From Susan Graver.

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You look at brenda and the white petal, oh sneakers.

You look adorable.

I mean, I love it.

So good, I'm so excited to have midi dresses and maxi dresses and pedal pushers, and like all the things that say, spring and 1500 orders already.

This is your actual first presentation I've been talking about it.

We've been styling it with everything because it does pair with everything and it's susan's.

Ultra stretch.

So we've got a lot to talk about and sadly, the only order of the year really that's.

The only bad news I have for you, but it's kind of a big one right? Because once it's gone, we gotta wait until next year.

And if you're not sure if this is fact or not the last time you saw this on the air was march of 2021.

So here it is in that fabric that is cool and light, ridiculously stretchy, because of how rayon nylon and spandex richard is and a petal pusher, which I describe as my version of a short because and not to knock anybody who loves wearing their shorts and the short shorts and god, bless, you I'm just not comfortable in them right? So this is my version of a short and I feel confident and cute in them.

So here we go in navy, white black new color choice.

This year is that's a toffee color.

I love it.

This is called dark stone, pretty pesto.

Oh last call guys pesto's last call.

These are all one in seams so there's, no like, oh, can I get this other? Insane, nope, it's, a petal pusher.

I need it don't need it all right here.

It is in night, blue also, limited denim will turn the denim will turn alternative.

Yeah, double extra small through three x.

I've been wearing these throughout the past.

Yeah, two hours, and they look wonderful on you.

Um, I love that they cover my knees and that they kind of like dip, they kind of nip in at the knee.

So these are not like square and boxy.

These fit the lines of a woman's body, but see how stretchy they stretch like your favorite like knit, pull-on pant.

But this is a proper woven fabric like a proper trouser like a really good well-made, pant and pockets that are nice pockets or a place to put anything you need to put in your pocket by the way.

If you look in the pocket too, we did like a soft like lining on the inside of the pocket.

So again, it's like that, perfect perfect pen.

So those are not thick see how we did a lining so that the pocket lies flat.

So you don't have any bulk because again, that's another that's.

Why there's? No you ever see that little weird? I don't even know, yeah, we're, not going to give it a name or or in the white see anything? No, you've never heard anything in there.

You know where I'm going with this.

Oh I love these white pants.

I wish I could cut the pockets out of them, because you see those pocket bags, you don't see the pocket bags here, no because it's just a lining, a light lining, and they just pull over your hips and sit at your natural waist.

No, please, no zippers.

Nothing to find they're so super, ridiculously comfortable you could move.

You could play golf in these.

These are your golfing doors.

I mean, these are shorts.

I don't think about that, but that makes perfect sense.

You're going to have to start get yourself some ultra stretch and I'll give you a golf lesson come to my house.

I love it.


I love it.

I mean, you know, or if you are in a situation where you're going to be walking all day long, you know, theme parks and malls and boardwalks or whatever and you're like I want to wear shorts, but I'm uncomfortable in shorts.

Or honestly, we don't know what kind of restaurant we're going to be going to for lunch and is that too informal.

I mean, pedal pushers you can wear with.

I mean, a legit high heel, awesome, bejeweled shoe and a blazer, and you can wear it with a flip-flop and a bathing suit top and a straw hat and your hair and a ponytail like that's, what I love.

And when you do it in a fabric like this, you know, it's a lot like premium stretch, and the fact that you put it on, and you feel pulled together susan.

And I jokingly say you feel solid in it right like there's, no wiggly, jiggly, there's.

No, you do the whole turn around you're like, hey, everything looks good and it's, not shapewear it's, not designed to bring you down a size or make it look like you lost 30 pound like it's, just about taking your body making it comfortable and just holding it in all the right places and maybe giving it a little where it needs.

It let's do the colors again, because a we are busy busy busy on the phone lines.

And I get it if you love to call us, we would prefer and love it.

If you would go to to make your life easier.

And to make sure we can get your size that you need, how many people on the phones, 30 000 people on the on the website, but wait how many people do you see on the phone? Crazy, good, okay, 1500.

Okay, on the phones.

You need these.

I also want to give a big shout out and a.

Thank you to our order entry operators.

They work so so hard.

And I know it takes a lot of work to get through 1500.



So here we go in the dark stone.

White get your white pedal pushers here, it's going to be until march of next year that we can get this back in there's.

The toffee, I love this because let's say you live, you know in an area where like fall and winter even are warm.

So you have like an autumnal color and something you wear with a light sweater and that's going to be perfect here's, the navy perfect navy.

Maybe you picked up like the coral and the one time only or like a red top, yeah, that would be really cool the black I'm serious.

You want to wear it with suiting go for it.

Every pretty little blouse, you have button.

Front there's.

Your dress, pant, that's, not a pant.

But if you have to cover your knees at work, you got away with it here's, the pesto that's almost gone.

And the night blew, oh, we like the night blue, five, easy payments goes away.

Soon, oh, well, I love these.

And I love the same reason that you do.

I don't wear shorts anymore.

Oh, yes.

The perfect.


Yes, yes.


So it's.

And and we all again, you know, different heights, different bodies past and it'll look good on everyone's body, because it forms to your body that's, the beauty of ultra stress.

And why we named it ultra stress because it literally is like so stretchy for a woven fabric like you would expect this to knit.

And you know that knits are very, you know, forgiving and very comfortable.

But this is woven.

This is like a really proper woven.

This is not like you're, super super casual, just like workout wear this.

You could put like an espadrille shoe.

You could wear this.

Yeah, a little blazer, yeah, I mean, you're going to wear it so many different ways.

But I literally feel like I don't know, you know, sometimes you'll wear a pant or a bottom that is meant to hug.

You a little bit it's, got spandex.

And you look in the mirror and you feel like, hey, everything looks great.

But you can't wait to get out of them.

You know, the ones I'm talking about.

So yeah, they're.

So comfortable like these everything looks pulled together, but it's, not like a side, zip pant where you had to like hold it in and suck it in and size it.

Instead, you just I didn't even have to jump or wiggle.

They just slide right in and everything.

You know, what? Maybe this is just my pet peeve.

So if I'm if I'm the only one just bear with me, sometimes a pedal pusher, I don't know if it's the length or whatever or maybe it's, just the size of my cap, this will flip up, and then it stays up and that's so annoying.

And I've been walking around bending down getting up and everything's staying in place.

So I mean, come on we're talking about the, you know, the professional pant mistress here at qvc.

She knows how to make it so that everything is flattering and you're comfortable.

And that goes, regardless of, you know, if you carry your stuff back here or here or here or down there, it doesn't matter, you know, sometimes it does if we're going to talk about a jean or something or a woven.

But this is look at these it's just made for your wow.

These are like the white now we're busy get them home you're going to like get these home you're going to want to show everybody show your friends show everybody.

Oh, look.

What I got on tv.

These are the best things and you're gonna wear them.

Often we do darts in the back of it.

So it fits the rear perfectly it's.

Not just a plain pull-on pad.

There's, those darts in the back there's also, you're gonna see how beautiful that wider waistband, but it's, super super soft.

So again, it pulls over your hips easily.

You don't have to struggle to get into them.

And I love that it's, not a wider leg that it nips in by the knee area.

So you don't look square and boxy, you don't look like spongebob, squarepants.

You look like a beautiful one finger.

We make you look good.

We don't want it.

Finally, oh, I love it.

I am going straight home and I'm telling my daughter about that quote from tonight, because she and I are big spongebob fans.

But man, I obviously don't want to look like him.

You don't want to look like, no, no.

I know I get all the jokes and the quotes.

But I I don't want to look like spongebob, sandy, maybe I don't know, um true are you guys at spongebob level yet? Okay, roger.

Why do I have a feeling that thief was watching spongebob? Even before the game? Who's.

Roger rabbit's, wife, what was her name? Roger? What rabbit? Oh, I have no idea.

Oh, my god, red hair, oh jessica jessica.

Yeah, yeah.


Speaking of rabbits, we're going down a rabbit hole.

Right now.

We're gonna look like jessica because we're gonna look like marilyn monroe we're gonna get that figure and kind of bring you in and you're, not gonna be square and foxy and you're gonna be like you're gonna be like looking good looking good.

And you know what you know, I you won't, hopefully you will notice here at qvc, we don't say things like get your body ready for swimsuit season or something ridiculous like that your body's ready all right.

Your body is amazing and it's ready for the season instead.

We are going to say, hey, our designers have been hard at work getting their clothing, ready for your body and that's.

The way it's supposed to go that's.

What susan's been doing for decades, which is why when we put on a pair of pants like these we go, hey, wait a minute I'm feeling.

My look look how good it's supposed to be every single time you get dressed so let's go through the color choices again, 47.68 is your feature price.

The easy pay goes away.

Soon 5, 000 orders and still jammed on the phone.

The best pedal pusher here.

It is.

Well, also the pedal pusher is hard to find period, dark stone, impossible white, absolutely toffee, navy, black pesto and night blue last call in pesto and night blue.

If you remember nothing just remember, they won't make you look like spongebob, that's, important, no you're excited, all right? Well, you know what because the price expires in literally four and a half minutes, we gotta give it a look.

And I if I could I'd show you both.

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