Haiseva Baghnakhs (2023)

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What is the bagh nakh used for? ›

One such weapon, designed for concealment, was the bagh nakh or 'Tiger's Claw'. It was worn under a glove or between the fingers to give the wearer the advantage of surprise in duels and street fights.

What is bagh nakh in English? ›

The bagh nakh, vagh nakh, or vagh nakhya (Marathi: वाघनख / वाघनख्या, Bengali: বাঘনখ, Hindi: बाघ नख, Urdu: باگھ نکھ, lit. tiger claw) is a "fist-load, claw-like" dagger, originating from the Indian subcontinent, designed to fit over the knuckles or be concealed under and against the palm.

What is the history of bagh nakh? ›

The bagh nakh was famously used by Marathan leader Shivaji Bhonsale I (1630-1680) to kill the general Afzal Khan, who had come to meet with him under the pretence of a parley during a siege of the Maratha fort.

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