Fix Device Is Not Certified By Google Pt. 2 Ft. Android 12 And Magisk Canary (2023)


Want to watch or stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, DSTV Now from your phone at Full HD quality? Use Google Pay, Samsung Pay or any other top banking payment app from your Android Phone? Your Android phone MUST PASS Google SafetyNet Security test which means that your device must be certified on the Google play store. Fix Device Is Not Certified By Google Pt. 2 Ft. Android 12 And Magisk Canary is the latest answer to this problem.

We made Part 1 of this video on April 10 2020 where we used Magisk hide props to acquire device certified status on google play store and passes Google's SafetyNet test. You can see the video here:
This method still works on many Android devices that run Android 11 and below but no thanks to thanks to Google who keep tweaking things and locking Android down with the guise of privacy/security protection, we had no choice but to make an updated video.

Google play services opportunistically use hardware-backed attestation to enforce SafetyNet security (since January 12, 2021), and enforce its usage based on the device model name (since September 2, 2021). This means that Magisk hide won't be enough to pass SafetyNet and why the Developer John Wu rightly removed it in the latest Magisk - stable and canary channels. Read more about it here:
And here:

If you are using Android 12, download Magisk Canary as the Stable Magisk v23.0 still has some issues with most Android 12 at the time of uploading this video.
SafetyNet Fix Zip:

Remember to follow the instructions from the download pages!

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When I made the part one of this video in april 2020, I was just bought sitting at home during the pandemic.

I wanted to share the usual thing.

I do when I flash a new android custom rom so that the netflix and dstv now appear in the google play store search results.

The result of that trick top ranking in google and youtube search lots of view reaction and the comment section you need to see in the comment section.

I mean, look at this one this video saved someone from being beaten.


I didn't see that one coming while part 1 still works in many android phones.

Google tweaked something in its google play services in january 2021, using hardware backed at the station all android devices with unlocked bootloader.

Now, fails, google safety net.

Security test implying that these devices won't be certified on google play store well to the non-techie person.

It means that you cannot download your number netflix amazon prime dstv.

Now, google pay banking app.

And some other important app will not work again from the google play store.

Because your device is not satisfied now, that's bad, but cheer up this video will show you two new updated methods that will permanently fix.

This device is not certified by google issues and make your devices passive in it.

If you're ready let's, go.


Welcome back again, to smackdown to check if your android device is certified by google open.

The google play store app tap on the user icon on the top right tap on setting and then click on about and look at the play protect certification.

You can also download any safety net app from the play store and run the safety net test.

If your device is a chinese device or a huawei device, shipped without google services, don't even bother to check the device is not certified by google and will not pass safetynet.

Nonetheless, cheer up this video will help fix that permanently.

However, these two new methods require rooting to gain admin access to your phone if you're new to android or don't know what written is or how to root android devices to gain admin user assets.

I made a special playlist for you click on the cats right now to get started if you watch those points it's up to the channel will be satisfying.

So thank you now let's jump into the action.

If you're using android 12 like me, you will need to download magisk canary because the magix version 23, which is the latest right now as a time of making this video with no passive in it, keep that in mind.

The download links are in the description I am on ancient.

Os, android 12 is a custom drum, and he passes safety net by default.

But after I flashed magisk canary, because I was in android 12 safety net failed to fix.

This let's run through it quickly to fix this upgrade to full magisk by downloading the latest magisk manager app if you haven't done.

So already, I believe some of you who have magisk have done that now open the magisk app if you're android 12 use magic scanner.

If you're on android 11 or below use the normal magix, 12, 23.0 version open.

The magisk app go to setting as you can see.

I am using the canary because I'm on android 12.

we're going to turn on the zygist.

You can read all about that in the description turn on zygies to use the zygies dmn now, enforce the nylist tap on configure deny list.

Now you got to be very careful here tap on the three dot menu on the top right and select show system app now scroll down the app list till you get to google play services, turn on deny for so that's.

The first one there are two you're going to do, and then scroll down a little bit more and then tap on

So after you've done that reboot your device now, after you've done rebooting your device, rerun the safety net test.

Now, the safety net security test passes, which means that your device will now be certified on google play store now let's check it.

You can see now we are now certified.

Now it also means you can now search for netflix on google play store, and it will appear and some other apps that weren't appearing before, um and anytime you see some apps not appear on your google play store.

You have to check whether you check whether your device is satisfied, or you run accepting a test.

The second method is simple by just flashing, the safety net, zip by developer k, dragon from your custom recovery after you have your magic setup and fully running download the link, uh now, it's in the description so be sure to safety net downl wherever it is and flash it reboot your system and that's it.

So with your system reboot, you can now rerun the safety net test to confirm that it work.

And there is it if you have any problem doing this I'll be waiting for your questions in the comment section.

So leave me a comment like share and subscribe until I see you in the next video peace.


How do I fix my device is not certified by Google? ›

Its easy, just follow the steps below.
  1. Go to Google's Device Registration.
  2. Sign in using your Google account credentials.
  3. Type in or paste the Device ID under Google Service Framework Android ID.
  4. Click on the Register.
  5. Your device will now be registered. You might have to wait about an hour.

How do I fix this device isn't play protect certified? ›

If you're using a custom device profile and come across the message shown below, informing you that your device isn't Play Protect certified, this can be resolved by: Selecting a predefined/built-in device profile from the Settings menu. Clearing cache of "Recent apps" Launching and signing in to the Play Store.

How do I certify my device on Google Play? ›

There's a simple app on the Play Store called 'Device ID', but since you obviously can't access the Play Store I have mirrored the application here. Open the app and copy the code in the second line called "Google Service Framework (GSF)." Go to this webpage. Enter your GSF Device-ID in the "Android ID" box.

What is a Google certified device? ›

safe and secure. Manufacturers across the globe can choose to pre-install Google's most popular apps on Android devices. The Android team at Google certifies these devices to ensure they are secure and ready to run apps from Google and the Play Store.

What happens if Google can't verify it's you? ›

Important: If you can't verify it's you, Google may not allow you to complete the sensitive action for a period of 7 days. This delay is to make sure your account and data stay protected.

What does it mean when a device is not certified? ›

Devices that aren't Play Protect certified may not be secure. Devices that aren't Play Protect certified may not get Android system updates or app updates. Google apps on devices that aren't Play Protect certified aren't licensed and may not be real Google apps.

How do I permanently disable Google Play Protect? ›

How to turn Google Play Protect on or off
  1. Open the Google Play Store app .
  2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.
  3. Tap Play Protect Settings .
  4. Turn Scan apps with Play Protect on or off.

How do I enable device protection? ›

Set up device protection
  1. Add a Google Account on your device: To help prevent other people from using your device if it gets erased, add your Google Account to your device. ...
  2. Set a screen lock: To help prevent other people from using or erasing your device, set a screen lock.

How do I enable a disabled app on Google Play protect? ›

On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store app. At the top right, tap the profile icon. Tap Play Protect Settings . Turn Improve harmful app detection on or off.

How do I authenticate my Google account on Android? ›

Set up Authenticator
  1. On your Android device, go to your Google Account.
  2. At the top, tap the Security tab. If at first you don't get the Security tab, swipe through all tabs until you find it.
  3. Under "You can add more sign-in options," tap Authenticator. ...
  4. Tap Set up authenticator. ...
  5. Follow the on-screen steps.

How do I verify my device on Google? ›

Verify your Google Account
  1. On your phone, go to Settings. Google.
  2. Tap Manage your Google Account. Then, scroll right and tap Security. Security code.
  3. If needed, enter your phone password and pick the account.
  4. A 10-digit code generates on your phone.
  5. Enter the code on the device you want to sign in on and tap Continue.

What is an uncertified Android device? ›

Those that don't pass are classed as being uncertified. You don't want to use an uncertified Android device. That's because Google can't verify whether the apps on the device are legit. The device may also not receive system or app updates, which leaves you vulnerable to security risks.

What is Android GMS certification? ›

The GMS Certification confirms that the device meets Google's performance criteria and can run Google apps successfully, allowing it to be launched in the market with GMS suite of apps and services. Simply said, the GMS license is for your brand while the certification is for your device that you manufacture.

How do I get an Android license? ›

Setting Up for Licensing
  1. Setting Up a Publisher Account.
  2. Setting Up the Development Environment. Setting up the runtime environment. Downloading the LVL. ...
  3. Setting Up the Testing Environment. Setting test responses for license checks. Setting up test accounts. ...
  4. Signing in to a Google account on an emulator.
Jan 18, 2023

Where is my Google certification? ›

Sign in to Skillshop. Click your icon in the upper right, then click My Profile. Scroll to the Achievements and/or Certifications sections. You'll see any achievements and certifications you've earned.

Can you retake Google certification? ›


If you don't pass an exam, you can take it again after 14 days. If you don't pass a second time, you must wait 60 days before you can take it a third time. If you don't pass the third time, you must wait 365 days before taking it again.

How do I change my Google approval device? ›

Turn on admin approval for device access
  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console. ...
  2. In the Admin console, go to Menu Devices Mobile & endpoints Settings. ...
  3. Click Security. ...
  4. To apply the setting to everyone, leave the top organizational unit selected. ...
  5. Check the Require admin approval box.

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