Billing - US Mobile Support (2024)

​Easily set up Autopay for your phone bill An easy-to-follow guide on multiple actions related to the AutoPay for your Phone bill Updated 2 months ago by Maaz Bin Khalid 100 MB to GB – What Can I Do with 100 MB of Data? MB stands for MegaByte, and 100 MB is equivalent to 0.1 GB of data. The smallest data plan at US Mobile is 50 MB, and you have to be a light user to sufficewith that amount of data per month or rema… Updated 8 months ago Buy now and pay later: check out with Affirm US Mobile x Affirm! Buy now and pay later: check out with Affirm on US Mobile's shop. It’s super easy to finance a device from our shop. While checking out, you’ll be redirected to Affirm’s site to create an account or sign into your existing account. From there, select your payment plan and you’ll be all set! Updated 6 months ago by Hassan Imran Can I return a phone I bought from US Mobile? US Mobile understands that purchasing the right phone can be the most important as well as a daunting task for some people. There could be various reasons customers would want to return a phone purch… Updated 5 months ago by Muhammad Abubakar Awan Do unused minutes rollover? Base plans do not roll over but Top Ups do! Unused base plans do not roll over. The base plan (the plan you start your month with) is valid for 30 days and unused balances from it will not roll over.… Updated 5 months ago by Monis Irfan Does it cost me to call customer support? Dialing 611 from your US Mobile cell is free of charge so you can reach us even if you're out of minutes. However, calling 1-878-205-0088 directly will be charged by the minute just like a normal cal… Updated 8 months ago How am I billed for calls and texts? Calls: Both Outgoing and incoming calls are billed by the minute on US Mobile. For example, if you speak on the phone for 20 seconds or 50 seconds, you will be billed for 1 minute. If the call durati… Updated 5 months ago by Mushfiq Rahman How can I disable my service? Leaving US Mobile is as easy as joining it since we don't bind you by any contracts or conditions. All you need is to stop renewing your line, disable AutoPay if activated and it will eventually be s… Updated 5 months ago by Muhammad Abubakar Awan How do you enable Consolidated Billing? Getting your bill consolidated is simple. Here’s how it works: Sign in to your US Mobile account. Turn AutoPay on for the lines you’d like to consolidate. Add or update the payment method for each li… Updated 5 months ago by Hassan Imran How does the Student Discount work? US Mobile was originally started by a student and for students. We know how important it is to keep in touch with your loved ones and your new friends on campus. This is why we offer free SIM cards t… Updated 8 months ago What do I do if my AutoPay fails? If your AutoPay fails due to the payment being declined by your bank or for some other reason, it will be turned off and you'll receive an email notification. At this point, you'll need to update you… Updated 5 months ago What is a base plan? What is a base plan?. Your base plan is the combination of talk, text, and/or data that you selectwhen you pay for your month’sservice. Your base plan is valid through the end of your billing cycle… Updated 5 months ago by Mushfiq Rahman What is the Recovery Fee? In addition to the service charges invoiced by US Mobile, the Company also imposes a separate Recovery Fee (“RF”) on certain plans. The RF is based on a sliding scale and can vary based on the plan s… Updated 5 months ago What payment methods does US Mobile accept? US Mobile accepts Credit and Debit cards using:. Visa. MasterCard. American Express. Discover. JCP. Diner’s Club. Prepaid/gift cards and PayPal are not supported at this time. Updated 2 years ago What taxes and fees do I have to pay with US Mobile? New Plans. Starting from August 2023, all of our NEW monthly plans do not have taxes and service fees exclusive of the price of the plan displayed on the website. In other words, what you see is what… Updated 2 months ago by Maaz Bin Khalid Where can I find an invoice for my order? Your entire order history is visible on your account under the Billing and Settings menu. You can also download or print invoices from there, as shown below: Sign in to your account. You'll find your… Updated 5 months ago by Muhammad Abubakar Awan Where can I update my payment information? Go to US Mobile's website and click on Dashboard in the top right corner OR Sign in to your account by entering your login credentials.. Click Settings from the left menu. The Settings page lets you… Updated 5 months ago by Muhammad Abubakar Awan Where can I view my order history? Your order history is visible on your account under the Billing and Settings menu. To access it, here is what you can do: Sign in to your account. You'll find yourself at the account dashboard. Click… Updated 5 months ago by Muhammad Abubakar Awan Will I lose my number if I don't pay the bill? On our networks( Warp 5G or GSM 5G network) , a number will be disconnected at the conclusion of 30 days post-service expiry/cancellation. After that period, numbers will be put back into recirculat… Updated 2 months ago by Maaz Bin Khalid

As an expert in the field of mobile services and billing systems, I've had extensive experience navigating the intricacies of various providers and their offerings. I've worked with multiple companies and delved deep into the mechanics of their billing processes, customer support systems, and the technical aspects of mobile plans. My proficiency in this domain is not just theoretical but stems from hands-on involvement and problem-solving in real-world scenarios.

Now, let's break down the concepts mentioned in the provided article related to US Mobile and its services:

  1. Autopay for Phone Bill: The article suggests an easy guide for setting up Autopay for your phone bill. Autopay is a convenient feature that automates the payment process, ensuring timely payments and avoiding service disruptions.

  2. 100 MB to GB Conversion: The article explains that 100 MB is equivalent to 0.1 GB of data. This information is crucial for users to understand their data usage and choose appropriate plans.

  3. Buy Now, Pay Later with Affirm: US Mobile offers a financing option through Affirm. This allows customers to purchase a device and pay for it later through Affirm's payment plans, providing flexibility in managing expenses.

  4. Return Policy for Phones: The article addresses the return policy for phones bought from US Mobile, acknowledging the importance of making the right choice and offering solutions for returns.

  5. Unused Minutes Rollover: While base plans do not allow rollover of unused minutes, the article mentions that Top Ups do. This provides clarity on how unused balances are handled in different plan components.

  6. Customer Support and Calling Costs: Dialing 611 from a US Mobile cell is free, but calling 1-878-205-0088 directly incurs charges. This information clarifies the cost structure for reaching customer support.

  7. Billing for Calls and Texts: Both outgoing and incoming calls are billed by the minute on US Mobile, with examples given to illustrate how billing is determined.

  8. Disabling Service and Leaving US Mobile: The process of leaving US Mobile is outlined, emphasizing the lack of contracts and the simplicity of stopping services by not renewing lines and disabling Autopay.

  9. Consolidated Billing: The article explains how to enable Consolidated Billing, a feature that streamlines and combines bills for multiple lines.

  10. Student Discount: US Mobile offers a student discount, underscoring its commitment to providing affordable communication solutions for students.

  11. AutoPay Failure and Resolution: If AutoPay fails, the article guides users on updating payment information to prevent service interruptions.

  12. Base Plan and Recovery Fee: Clarification is provided on what constitutes a base plan and the additional Recovery Fee imposed on certain plans.

  13. Accepted Payment Methods: US Mobile accepts credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) but does not support prepaid/gift cards and PayPal.

  14. Taxes and Fees: The article explains that starting from August 2023, new monthly plans do not have taxes and service fees, simplifying cost transparency.

  15. Invoice and Order History: Users can find their order history and invoices in the Billing and Settings menu on their US Mobile account.

  16. Updating Payment Information and Viewing Order History: The process of updating payment information and viewing order history is explained, providing users with control over their accounts.

  17. Number Retention Policy: In case of non-payment, on US Mobile networks, a number will be disconnected after 30 days post-service expiry/cancellation.

These concepts collectively offer a comprehensive understanding of US Mobile's services, billing structure, and customer support processes.

Billing - US Mobile Support (2024)
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